We would love to hear from you! Want to submit a testimonial and have it appear on this page? Simply contact us and we can get you set up! Here are some of the comments we have received from our clients:

“I have long been wondering about Meals on Wheels.  I have a special circumstance that makes it completely impossible for me to eat ANYTHING (years ago I survived throat cancer).  I must drink all of my meals and snacks after making them totally smooth and free of the slightest hint of lumps or particles.  My meal today is further evidence that the team has worked out the best possible way to get me nice meals.  Those tall Sunkist jars are easy for me to hold as I eat, easy to store whatever I have left for another meal, easy to reheat to a perfect temperature…..Perfect all the way.  I love the little labels that tell me what I am getting .  I can actually taste individual ingredients if I know what to taste for.”

“It is amazing that if a volunteer fails to arrive, someone else can just do the deliveries with no notice.  The woman who delivered my Thursday meal did not introduce herself, so I don’t know who to commend.  She arrived at almost 1:00, doing a set of deliveries no one had instructed her on.  Nothing but goodness in my MoW experience.”

“I am still enjoying a contented tummy hours after today’s delightful meal.”  Jenise S.

“Many, many thanks for your kind thoughts and sending me a very special and appropriate birthday card through the mail that “reached me in time” and all…. You are indeed a remarkable group fulfilling your duties to be of assistance and in that same way be gracious and kind to those whose birthdays pass on by (sometimes without too much recognition as the years go rolling by especially).”  Gail T.

“This is a short note of praise and appreciation to the suppliers of the food, the good cooks, and tasty and caring people who are involved in all the preparation of the good food that reaches our table.  The food arrives nice and warm and is delivered by the pleasant efficient service people.  The soups and the desserts are excellent and I think the least we can do is indicate our thankfulness to all you people who do the work and initiate the utilization of your skills and training.  We on the receiving end are getting good deal and good service.  Please also give our thanks to the staff who contribute so pleasantly to our needs.  May God Bless You, Everyone.”  Respectfully Jean & Pugh

Ted and Vera have been married over 50 years and life has been good. They have two grown sons, and five grandchildren. About two years ago, Ted had a stroke which forces them to stay close to home. Vera just turned 80 and can no longer prepare meals other than simple breakfasts and lunches. Meals on Wheels have been providing nutritious dinners for the couple for the last two years. “We like our home and our neighbours. ” Vera points out, “Meals on Wheels gives us the freedom to stay in our house as long as we are able and continue to be surrounded by all our memories.” Ted & Vera.

Three years ago Martin’s wife Doris passed away suddenly. The couple have lived in Langley all their lives and enjoyed a traditional marriage. He went to work. She stayed at home and raised the kids. When Doris died, life changed for Martin. He needed help around the house particularly with meals. He couldn’t eat soup and frozen dinners from the grocery store every day, so he called Meals on Wheels. Today he gets a fresh, home-cooked meal and a visit from David, a Meals on Wheels volunteer. “I get good food delivered so I don’t have to worry about all that grocery shopping and cooking.” He adds, “Besides, I’m a lousy cook!” Martin.

Lorne is a 70 year old retired fireman. He’s lived alone on a small hobby farm since 1990. When he had a kidney removed because of cancer, it really slowed him down. It took a full two months for him to recover completely. His daughters helped as much as they could each week, but it was impossible for them to be with him every day. While he was recovering, Langley Meals on Wheels made sure Lorne had healthy nutritious meals delivered to his home. “If it wasn’t for Meals on Wheels I would have needed a day care worker to come into my house to help me out. Now that I am back on my feet, life is just about back to normal. Thanks Meals on Wheels. You helped make my recovery a bit easier.” Lorne.

When Martha was released from the hospital after her car accident, she knew she would be in a wheelchair the rest of her life. “Life goes on,” she said from her home in Aldergrove. “I knew I could work from my house, but it would take a lot longer to get things done. I didn’t have the time to get the groceries I needed and then I’d have to cook too.” Martha heard about Meals on Wheels from her neighbor, whose father used Meals on Wheels many years ago. “I signed up, and for a few dollars a day I get a tasty meal and a visit too.” Martha. 

Robert has been a volunteer with Meals on Wheels for just over three years. He is a retired accountant. “My parents used Meals on Wheels, just before they moved into a full care facility. I saw the great service they provided to seniors and others who needed help, so when I retired I wanted to do something for the community, so I volunteered. Today I help out for a couple of hours a day delivering meals and meeting people. It gets me out of the house and I know I am giving back to the community. Meals on Wheels have a great staff that really cares about the people they serve. I recommend Meals on Wheels to anyone who needs help getting dinners because they are too old, or disabled, or laid up due to illness, surgery or whatever…” Robert.

Thank you for being there for my mom..” Nancey

Thank you so much – and for such pleasant and cheerful delivery people.” Anonymous