Meals on Wheels
supporting our Community

Meals on Wheels Programs support the Langley Community

Supporting Langley Meals on Wheels helps us to provide our Meal Subsidy Program. These clients are identified and referred through a local agency or government service qualified to make the determination of eligibility. Once an agency refers a client to our subsidy program, LMOW will set up delivery so those in need start receiving meals. It’s that easy!

Langley Meal – Subsidy Program (click to view brochure)

We also provide a referral service for our meal program for those at-risk coming Home from the Hospital. This program ensures 5 days of free meal delivery, along with the watchful eye of our caring volunteers for those identified by hospital staff or family physicians. 

Fresh, nutritious meals delivered to the home, free for 5 days.

Langley Meals on WheelsHome from the Hospital Meal Program (click for brochure)

Many factors can account for inadequate nutrition and the impact plays out in many ways. “People who are undernourished will have a harder time healing,” says Dana Fillmore, Gordon Food Service Healthcare Segment Manager, “and they’re at a higher risk for being readmitted to the hospital.”

I was released from the hospital and was afraid I wasn’t well enough to be on my own. As soon as I got home Langley Meals on Wheels was at my door with a hot meal. They came everyday to check in on me and bring me a meal, it was the most amazing service and it was FREE!  They made me feel safe and I felt like they were looking out for me and that is huge when you are alone and old.  I am much better now and can cook but still get the meals as a break once a week and to visit with the volunteers.  1st Home for the Hospital client ..M

We sincerely appreciate all levels of support that help Langley Meals on Wheels to provide meals service programs to Langley and continue with our Mission!