Langley Meals on Wheels is always looking for help in any way that we can get. If you are unable to volunteer or would simply prefer to help your community out in a different way, you always have the option of donating. There is no minimum or maximum commitment, and all donations help out immensely. Donations help us fund special events for the elderly along with allowing us to continue to provide the amazing service to the community that we currently do. You can donate through our website via PayPal, or you can contact us at any time and something can be arranged. We need your support now more than ever as we work to assist a growing number of nutritionally at-risk members of our community.

Why Is The Subsidy Program Needed?

“When you are getting to my age and trying to exist on a lousy pension, Meals on Wheels is a godsend. If it wasn’t for your subsidised meals program I wouldn’t be eating properly and most likely be back in the hospital.” – A Veteran,

“When I got home from surgery I was lost with very little mobility. I reached out to you and not only did you help get things started for me quickly, but you subsidised my meals… As a single mum off work, you saved me!” – A happy client.

How Does Your Support Help?

Even $20 can fund 6 meals. $50 can fund 15 meals. $75 can fund 23 meals. $100 provides an ENTIRE MONTH of meals to those in need.

Your donations enable Langley Meals on Wheels Services Society to provide affordable and nutritious meals to Langley residents. We have a charitable status with the Canada Revenue Agency which allows us to issue a tax-deductible receipt to all donors.

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