The Langley Meals on Wheels Services Society has been delivering nutritious meals in Langley City and Langley Township since 1979. Over the years we have ensured high quality and variety in our weekly offerings. Our meals are specially planned and prepared by the dietary and kitchen staff of Langley’s Gateway of Hope for our clients.  Meals are picked up and delivered by our dedicated volunteers directly to our clients for them to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes.

We try to meet the dietary needs of our clients whenever possible.  Please contact us for information regarding any special dietary needs.  Meals delivered in the Langley area are in compostable, recyclable, microwavable and oven safe containers.   The meals in both Langley and  Aldergrove arrive hot and ready to eat and can be placed in the refrigerator upon arrival to be enjoyed later in the day.

Clients are able to enjoy a different meal 5 days a week, on a four-week rotation.  These menus have been reviewed by a Registered Dietician and each meal contains up to 75% of your daily nutrition requirements. Our meals are low in sodium, sugar and fat, which is acceptable for most dietary restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Do The Meals Cost?

Fresh Daily Entrée (soup and dessert included): $6.50
Frozen Entrée (soup and dessert included): $6.50
Fresh Daily Sandwich: $3.50

Is The Cost Covered By Social Services?

No. The only agency that covers the cost of meals is Veteran’s Affairs Canada for their clients who qualify as per their criteria. Call VAC at 1-866-522-2122 to inquire about eligibility.

How Do I Pay For The Meals?

We accept cash, cheques, PayPal or money order. Payment can be made online, in person, or via mail (please do not mail cash).

Is There A Menu To Choose From?

We have a 4-week rotating menu. Each week consists of one beef meal, one chicken meal, one pork meal and one pasta meal. If there is a meal that you don’t like or cannot eat because of dietary restrictions, we can swap it out for a frozen entree of your choice.

What About Meals For The Weekend?

We can provide frozen meals for the weekend. The frozen meals are delivered along with the fresh meal near the end of the week (as per your direction) and are accompanied by a frozen soup and dessert. If you would prefer to receive extra fresh meals for the weekend, the meals would be the same entree as the day of your delivery.

Do I Need To Return The Meal Containers?

No. The meal containers are recyclable!

Can I Change My Delivery Days?

Absolutely! The days of delivery can be changed as long as we have 24 hours notice.  The change can be short-term or temporary.  We do our very best to accommodate the needs of our clients.

What Happens If I Can’t Be Home At The Delivery Time?

As long as you call us with 72 hours notice, we can stop your service for the one day.  If you still wish to receive the meal but will not be home to receive it, Langley Meals on Wheels can still send the meal. However, arrangements will need to be made related to where the meal should be left (i.e. on your door handle, or with a neighbour etc.).

What If There Are Things I Can’t Eat Or Do Not Like?

We try our best to adhere to the dietary needs of our clients. If there is a meal component that you cannot eat, we will try to send an alternate option. Frozen meal options are always available.